We've won three awards for the month of July
check them out here.

Family Lines has been updated !  Thanks Brenda.
check out Brenda's line here

Soundex for Breaz/Braz/Bras (B624) added to the site check it out here6/14/1999

We finally dug up the information that has been circulating about Henry Brassal and Walter Ashton
from Charles City County, Virginia 6/14/1999
Also there is a Frank Brazile from 
Switzerland that is a researcher who has 
joined Breazeale Kinfolk 4/23/99
Email Frank
Frank Brazile sent some info to me on Brasil Island off of the coast of Ireland 
Nice reading click here to view
Reminder We have a reunion coming up soon. The "Brazeal" reunion is Koshkonong, Missouri. June 6,1999 

I have also found a nice web site to find
out where other family reunions are located www.reunionindex.com

Update on Hy Brazil Island
from Rich Brazile
I have added a Poems section to the site. 
We apparently have poets among us. 
I have several more to add. 
Did You Know has been Updated 
I have added more wills to the list in the 
document section.
We have a new Contributor Award 
Audrey Daniels from Missouri 
There is also a Tidbits section added 
to the site. Small bits of data that I 
have not placed. 
Breazeal Bulletin from Janice Still
              May 1, 1999
There has been 2 new web sites added 
to the Other Breaz/Braz websites
one in Irelland (Brazil) and the other is 
a Braswell Family site 
I have added another family line 
Please email the submitter if you have 
a connection to this line. 
William Breazeal
George Breazeale has a new web 
site about his family and hobbies 
Check it out 
The Family of George Breazeale
I have also started a mailing list for all 
of us. To subscribe, Click below 
[email protected]


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