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I enjoyed reading about Hy-Brazil on the Breazeale Web Page.  In his notes, Frank Brazile mentioned that the information could only be found on microfiche.  I know of it in book form.  Several map examples are included as well.  It's a chapter in..

Phantom Islands of the Atlantic, the legend of seven islands that never were

written by Donald S. Johnson

ISBN 0-8027-1320-3 (hardcover)

It was first published by Goose Lane Editions in Canada in 1994.  Revised edition published in the United States of America in 1996 by Walker Publishing Company, Inc.

The book also includes the following poem

On the ocean that hollows the rocks where ye dwell,
A shadowy land has appeared, as they tell:
Men thought it a region of sunshine and rest,
And they called it O'Brazil - the isle of the blest

From year unto year, on the ocean's blue rim,
The beautiful spectre showed lovely and dim;
The golden clouds curtained the deep where it lay,
And it looked like an Eden, away, far away.
- Gerald Griffin 

Keep up the good work on the web page.

Take care.

- Rich Brazile
Plymouth, Massachusetts