Contributor of the Month

Each Month I thought We might have a CONTRIBUTOR of the Month (just for kicks) If it offends Anyone let me know and I will NOT do it again. Everyone that has sent in photos ect... has our deepest Thanks !!!

                                                                     Audrey Daniels
Audrey has sent in many items for all of Us to share. I have recieved Photos  and misc Documents from
her. Many are posted on the site and some I still need to post. So for all that She has Done for "Breazeale Kinfolk" so April and May are her months.

Audrey is the one hugging the two children in front lower right

A Personal observation about Audrey:
I met Audrey on the net "digging up bones"  She is one of the nicest
people that I have EVER had the honor of meeting. She sends
cards and greetings to several of us Cousins
via email. and is Always kind

Audrey you are truly Loved

Thanks Audrey
Email Audrey and say Thanks

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