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BRAZEAL,Elijah, May 1765 ,been 2 years in GA, has wife & 3 children, asks for 
300a on So. Side Buckhead and to purchase 200a near Jesse Wiggins & Daniel 
Lott; Oct 1766, granted 300a;Mar 1769 granted 300a; Mar 1769 has 3 
slaves,asks for 150a; Dec 1769 granted 150a next to John Goode; Mar 1771 
granted 1 50; Sep 1774 granted 150a next Henry Baker,Peter Wynne & on Gr 
Ogeechee Riv.;

Elijah Brazeal's wife name was Polly according to the records in this book as 
stated in the Dickson Deed's. Marge


Origin : Ireland

Spelling variations include: Brassil, Brassell, Brassilagh, Breasal, Brazil and many more.
First found in county Armagh where from Fiachrach Casan was descended Felim his son, Tuathal his son, Colcan his son, Aongus his son, Diceilidh his son, Ultan his son, Cuanach his son, Inreactha his son, Donoch his son, Dalgan his son, Cearnach his son, Gairbiadh his son, Longseach his son, Conamhill his son, Aodh his son, and to Breasal, Chieftain of the Clann Brassil or Braslin.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Daniel Brassell who arrived in New York State in 1756; Patrick Brazell arrived in Philadelphia Pa. in 1838 and others. 

"Colla da Croich (85), was the founder of the Kingdom of Oriel [aka Oriel, Orgiall, Uriel] from whom many Ulster families take their origin. He was the son of Eochy Dubhlen (Dublin) and his mother was Alechia, daughter of Updar, King of Alba (Scotland). Muireadach or Colla da Chrioch (or Facrioch), meaning Colla of the Two Countries, Ireland and Alba, was one of three sons known as The Three Collas from whom descended many noble families of Ireland. 

Colla da Chrioch was the first King of Ulster after its conquest by The Three Collas in the 4th century. He was the founder of the Kingdom of Orgiall. The Clan Colla ruled over that Kingdom, and were styled "Kings of Orgiall," down to the twelfth century. Oriel territory takes in the modern Counties Monaghan, Armagh and part of Louth. 

The following are among the families of Ulster and Hy-Maine descended from Colla da Chrioch: Boylan, Carbery, Cassidy, Corrigan, Corry, Cosgrave, Davin, Davine, Devin, Devine, Devers, Divers, Donegan, Donnelly, Eagan, Enright, Fogarty (of Ulster), Garvey, Gilchreest, Goff, Gough, Hart, Harte, Hartt, Hartte, Higgins, Holland, Holligan, Hoolahan, Hort, Keenan, Kelly, Kennedy, Keogh, Lally, Lannin, Larkin, Laury, Lavan, Lalor, Lawlor, Leahy, Loftus, Loingsy (Lynch), Looney, MacArdle, MacBrock, MacCabe, MacCann, MacCoskar, MacCusker, MacDaniel, MacDonnell (of Clan Kelly), MacEgan, MacGeough, MacGough, MacHugh, MacKenna (of Truagh, Co. Monaghan,), MacMahon (of Ulster), MacManus, MacNeny, MacTague (anglicized Montague), MacTernan, MacTully, Madden, Magrath, Maguire, Malone, MacIvir, MacIvor, Meldon, Mitchell, Mooney, Muldoon, Mullally, Muregan, Naghten, Nawn, Neillan, Norton, O'Brassil, O'Callaghan (of Orgiall), O'Carroll of Oriel (or Louth), O'Connor of Orgiall, O'Duffy, O'Dwyer, O'Flanagan, O'Hanlon, O'Hanratty, O'Hart, O'Kelly, O'Loghnan, O'Loghanan, O'Neny, Oulahan, Rogan, Ronan, Ronayne, Slevine, Tully, etc."

Irish Pedigrees. O'Hart 
Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Dublin 1892, ISBN 0-8063-0737/4 Set Number, ISBN 0-8063-1259-9 Volume 1, Pg. 669-670 

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28 Apr 1999

W. R. Bowen et al TO Deed J. A. Thompson et al 
This Indenture made and Entered into this the 13th day of October AD 1857 by
and between W.R. Bowen and A. T. Brazeale of the County of Itawamba and the
Sate of Mississippi of the 1st part and J. A. Thompson and Sam T. Johnson
merchants and traders under the name and Style of J. A. Thompson & Co. of
the County of Monroe and State aforesaid of the Second part. Witnesseth that
the parties of the 1st part for and in consideration of the Sum of three
hundred dollars to them in hand paid in notes and accounts the receipt of
which is hereby acknowledged hath this day Sold and by these presents do
sell unto the parties of the 2d part all their crop made in the year 1857.
To wit cotton corn and Fodder also two red sorrel mares one sorrel colt and
a two horse waggon all of said property specified above to be delivered to
the Town of Smithville to the parties of the 2d part their heirs or assigns
on or by the 1st of January 1858. Now if the said parties of the 1st part
shall pay or cause to be paid the said sum of three hundred dollars to the
parties of the 2d part their heirs or assigns on or by the first day of
January 1858 then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full
force and effect in witness whereof the said parties of the first part hath
hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date above written.
Wm. R. Bowen (seal)
A. T. Brazeal (seal) 
The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Personally appeared before me ... Wiggle an acting Justice of the Peace in
and for said County W. R. Bowen and A. T. Brazeal the parties of the first
part mentioned in the above instrument of writing and acknowledged they
signed sealed and delivered the said Instrument... 
(remainder of document on next page [296] which was not xeroxed)
Book 13, page 295

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