Breazeale Bulletin
from the desk of  "Janice Still"

For those of you who do not know who Janice is.
Janice is the wonderful lady who has taken the task of rewriting "Breazeale Kin"
Breazeale Kin was a book that was written in the 60's by "Lois Plotts".
Who has since passed on and handed her work of many years to Janice.

So to Janice Still and Lois Plotts We salute you
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Greetings Cousins!
   Can you believe it's been almost ten
years since many of us met each other for
the first time at the dedication and first
reunion of the Breazeale's in Anderson
County, SC? The first was in October
1990. I've confused many because at last
year's reunion I spoke of it as being the
tenth, and was recorded on video as making
that mistake, so we'll set the record straight
now. Our date for this year is
August 14, 1999. Same place - same

Meeting News
  Each year we tend to have some "first
timers" and 1998 was no exception. There
was a good representation of the Lebanon
Breazeale's, descended from William
Griffin's son, Robert Alien, who moved up
to Lebanon. Prior to 1990, many of us
attended gatherings of Robert Alien's
family which were at Lebanon Baptist
Church. We were very happy to have them
join us and we're hoping they'll come back
and bring others of Robert Alien's
  Some Texas cousins who attended in
1997 returned for 1998 bringing
granddaughters and a cousin from Iowa
who had attended in earlier years returned
bringing his wife. Following is a listing of
those in attendance and the name of their
ancestor after 0ld Henry.


Gene & Vera Brazeal, Council Bluffs, IA
    (Elijah - TN)
Claude V. Jamison, Anderson, SC
    (Griffin - SC)
Joel & Pat Slaton, Fair'Play, SC
   (Kenon - SC)
Annie Ruth Irvin, Athens, GA
   (Kenon- SC)
Harry & Willie Breazeale, Decatur, GA
   (Kenon -SC)
Tracy, Will & Kenon Bates, Huntersville, NC
   (Kenon -SC)
Mary Breazeale Guthrie, Easley, SC
   (Kenon -SC)
Sara Duckworth Hall, Anderson, SC
    (Kenon- SC)
Sara Breazeale Childress, Greenville, SC
   (Kenon -SC)
Darla Jane Breazeale, Austin, TX
  (Kenon -SC)
Debbie Dees, Houston, TX
  (Kenon- SC)
William Griffin Breazeale, College Station, TX
  (Kenon - SC)
Jennifer A. Breazeale, Andover, MA
  (Kenon -SC
Peggy Jane Breazeale Gibson, Houston, TX
  (Kenon - SC)
John & Alice Breazeale Evans, Clemson, SC
  (Kenon- SC)
Frances Crouch Kennedy, Williston, SC
  (Kenon -SC)
Robert & Fran Breazeale Bundy, Columbia, SC
  (Kenon -SC)
Sara Jo Breazeale Allmendinger, Salem SC
  (Kenon -SC)
Frank & Sherry BreazeaIe Outlaw,
Greenville, SC
  (Kenon -SC)
Shelly & Erin Hannon, Taylors, SC
  (Kenon -SC)