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to make a weekend of it. Since 1 didn't
know about this possibility until after we
were leaving last year, I thought that could
be a topic of discussion at the 1999 reunion
and makes plan toward that goal for 2000,
if there was enough interest. There might
be other things we could do, also. Many
families either have their own worship time
together on Sunday morning or attend
church together. That is certainly a
possibility and either Dorchester or
Lebanon would be a good choice, I would
guess. We also could meet in a park or
such and have a vespers service.
In the past, we've traveled to other
churches or sites in the area that are related
to the Breazeale Family such as Griffin
Baptist Church in Pickens, Big Creek
Baptist Church in Williamston and the
Richardson Home in Lebanon. There is
also a site map available for the area
around Dorchester that indicates past
locations of Breazeale homes (no longer
standing). We've had a suggestion in the
past, but not enough interest shown, to
possibly have a golf game on Friday.
I would be happy to try to put something
together if anyone has a particular interest.
My objective is to have the reunion
weekend to be what you want it to be and
not something in which you have no
"Breazeale Kin"
    I have made no real progress on
"Breazeale Kin," even though I've worked
in some areas from time to time.
This week I've resigned my job effective
May 31, 1999 and I plan to make this one
of my first projects when I'm not working.
     I'm sorry for the delay and many of you
have been very patient with me in this
project. Just have not had the time to get
it done, much to my regret
With this in mind, if any of you have
information that should be included or you
owe me information, please send it by late
summer or early fall.
 At this point, I don't know what time
will be involved to complete it, because I
have to get back into the project to
evaluate it. Since technology has changed
quite a bit since I first started, there may
have to be some regrouping in the way 1
began to enter the data. Nevertheless, I
hope by this time next year, we can have
something "real" to look forward to.
 If you have any questions or
suggestions, give Lamar or myself a call or
drop us a note. We'd welcome suggestions
for activities for the reunion day.
Mark your calendar - August 14,
1999! See you there!

Janice Still, Secretary/Treasurer
4401 Sprague  Road
Raleigh, NC ?7613-4119
 [email protected]