George Washington Brazil's Family Line
submitted by Roddy May 2,1999

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(GGGF) George Washington Brazil b.6/20/1815 d.8/18/1899 in Fayette, Ala.
             Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetary
(GGF)    James Samuel Brazil b.12/28/1859 in Fayette, Ala. d.11/22/1919 in Hamilton, Miss.  Roberts Cemetary
             Wife was Molly (I think).
             1. Aber Cara (infant)
             2. Emmer b.10/7/1896
             3. Oscar Roddy (my GF) b. 8/8/1898 in Greenville, Ms. d. 8/6/1969 in        
                 Lorraine, Tx.  Roscoe Cemetary in Roscoe, Texas
             4. William Eldridge Dan b. 10/19/1901 d. 1/26/73
             5. James Thomas b. 6/7/03
             6. Andrew Jackson (infant)
             7. Georgie Lee b. 6/3/05
             8. Riley James b. 5/23/08 d.10/46 (auto accident)
             9. Stella b. 6/15/1911
            10. Arthur Carl b.2/9/14
            11. Harold b. 4/9/16
Harold is the only one still living. Unfortunately I don't have very many death dates.
Oscar Roddy's children are:
             1. Joan (my mother)
             2. Charles Paul
Thanks in advance if you could possibly steer me in the right direction. The name spelling was Brazil for as far back as I could tell. Thanks again.