(Courtesy of Audrey Daniels) Photo taken abt 1920
Top  Right and the bottom Right is Thomas Brazeal & Amanda Vaughn.
The one on the top left is Tom and Amanda with their daughter in law
Nellie Watson and their 3 sons , Sydney,Cecil & Lunie Brazeal

                  Ozark Staff 1952    Pauline Brazeal                                        William Joesph Vaughn-(taken abt 1925)
                   Pauline Brazeal ,School activities                                                     Marth Ellen Barnett
                              Donna Vaughn
   (photos courtesy of Audrey Daniels and Kay Schnack)

Ernie Earl and Lydia Brazeal     (courtesy of Kay Schnack and Audrey Daniels  (taken abt 1907)
Children of Jesse Porter and Leatha Brazeal

          (phototaken abt 1914)                     Leatha  Vaughn Brazeal            Lydia Howell       and Wilma
Doc                 Frank              Ernest
                  Hattie Brazeal                                                   (photo taken abt 1930)
         Jim & Ellen Brazeal Parents

                                                                                    from Left to Right  Back row (taken abt 1950)
          James franklin Brazeal, Neal Vaughn,Tommy Talley,Tom Brazeal,William Vaughn, Jesse Porter Brazeal, Kurt Vaughn
Molly Vaughn Talley,Myrille Vaughn,Lindy Brazeal Vaughn,Mandy Vaughn Brazeal, Leatha Vaughn Brazeal,Ellen Vaughn    Brazeal, Alice Love Vaughn            (photo coutesy of Juanita Wilbanks )

                                                        Jeff and Minerva Vaughn and family (photo taken abt 1890)
                         Ellen, Curt, Mandie, Jeff, Newt, Molly, Minerva, William, Leatha, Mylinda Brazeal
                                                      (Photo courtesy of Elsie Brown)