Simple Man

He was a simple man but not because he was 
Not important or insignificant or trivial.
Not because he was a fool or a simpleton.
Having or manifesting little sense or intelligence, 
Uneducated or ignorant, unworldly or unsophisticated.

He was a simple man because he was not guileful or deceitful,
He was a  sincere and caring man.
A person of humble birth and condition
A father who worked all his life and asked for very little,
Only to feed his family and see that they had the basic needs of life.

He was not  without figuration or elaboration because
He could make music with any instrument that he ever touched.
He loved his family and lived only for them.
I never knew him to have much fun, as I defined fun.
He was consistently working to make enough money just for
The family's rudimental elements of life.

He was a simple man but not unassuming; 
He was affected by all the needs of his wife and children.
He worked and seemed to enjoy working. 
At least I can't remember him ever complaining about work.

He was a simple man having little or no ornamentation; 
He was a simple man not embellished or adorned.
I remember once my being embarrassed because he wore his
work cloths into a store.  He was unpretentious. 
He never put on airs or haughty appearances.
I learned that cloths didn't make a man a man.
The most responsible and trustworthy man I've ever known
Was my father; even if he was only a simple man.

By Lyndon Brazeal
For my father S.C. Brazeal
Lyndon and his Family live in Texas
Thanks for the Contribution

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