Breazeale Irish Origin

 The Irish surname Brazeal and its variants Brazil, Brassill, Breassell,
Bressal and Breasal are anglicized forms of the Gaelic  "O"Breasail". the name
is of patronymic origin, derived from the first name of the father of the
initial bearer. In this instance , the name indicates  "son of Breasail", an
amcient  Gaelic personal name  derived from the Gaelic "bres" meaning "strife or
brave and strong in conflict".  This was a popular name in early
Ireland ans is especially common as the name of early kings. The most famous
of these is Bressal Belach, an early king of Leinster. It was also popularized
through the devotion to saint Bressal whose feast day was in May.

    Today this surname is predominantly found in Co. Waterford and Offaly,
but a century ago it was also numerous in the Counties Tipperary, Kilkenny,
Limmerick and Kerry.  The surname O`Breasil is recorded in Co, Waterford as
early as 1308 and it is found as O`Bressyl in Co. Cork in 1285. In 1537 one
Brassell occurs among the commoners of Kilkenny and in 1551 Mahowne Brassill,
a kern (an Irish Soilder, lightly armed),  was convicted at  Clommel of having
stolen cattle. In the "census" of 1659 the name Brassel was recorded as the
principal Irish surname in the Co. Waterford barony of upperthird. In 1608
Denis Brazil of Ballyduff was detained as a Jacobite after the failure of that
cause. This surname was brought  to the U.S. by Irish emigrants in the
nineteenth century.  Passenger lists show that one John Brazil, a 34 year old
laborer, sailed from Liverpool to New York on the " Jersey" in September, 1851,
and one Simon Brazil, aged 30 and a baker sailed the same route on the
"Continent" in November, 1851. One Norry Brazil, a 17 year old servant, sailed
from Waterford to New York on the "Oronoco" in May of the same year.

Blazon of Arms:       Azure, a cross cheque argent
                                             and gules.

         Translation:               The cross denotes Christian Faith
                                            and Love of God

Crest:                              The cross of the arms.

Source Ref:                          The Irish Herald.

Origin:                                         Ireland

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