The Old Rugged Cross

I saw them  put nails in His hands, I saw the blood on His face 
from the thorns in His crown,
and I saw them raise the cross and drop it in a 
hole they had dug in the ground.
If that wasn’t enough, to see the blood from His crown,
they pierced His side and blood gushed out on the ground.
I saw Jesus just hanging between earth and the sky,
And all I could do was just watch Him die.
It started to get dark and lightning, thunder clapped and the
earth shook where they trod,
I heard some one from the crowd speak out
“Surely this was the Son of God”.
I saw them take Him down and take Him to a tomb, roll the stone
in front and there they placed a guard,
On that early Sunday morning the angels rolled away the stone
and I saw the guard lay where he once stood.
I looked in the tomb Jesus wasn’t there
Because He arose  the way He said he would.
Jesus is alive and doing well. 
He has conquered death, grave, and hell.
He is still around to save the lost.
And that is why I still cherish the Old Rugged Cross.

By George Breazeale

                  George and his wife are doing well and living in sunny California

Thanks for the Contribution George

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