Contributions from Kinfolk

Below is a list of Contributors that have been kind enough to send Breazeale Info to US or there Family Lines in Various formats, that are listed beside the names, If you download the file or Photo, please be sure and email the person just to say Thanks. These Cousins are what makes this all work !!!!  These few will get us started I have many more that I will add as I can.               Thanks Tim..

Zipped Gedcom files
Tim's Direct Family Line (direct line from Henry to me) gedcomfile (Missouri Brazeal's)
"zipped ftw"
(file Contributed by Tim Brazeal)email Tim

Lunie  Brazeal  Family Line   (Thomas W. Brazeal  Missouri Brazeal's)
"rtm format" zipped
(file Contributed by Jimmie Dale Brazeal)email Jimmie

Alabama Census Records with all Various Spellings ( several diffrent counties)
If you have problems you can email Betty below and she will send it to you E-mail
Thanks Betty !!!
(Contributed by Betty Brazeal Copper)email Betty

Thomas W Brazeal Line
(Contributed by Audrey Daniels)email Audrey
also contributed lots of pic for other pages

Henry Breazeale Sr Will from 1767 Granville County  South Carolina
(Contributed by Tim)email Tim

Willis Breazeale Sr Will from 1794 Abbeville,South Carolina  Abbeville County
(Contributed by Tim) email Tim


                                                         Drop them a note just to say Thanks
               All photos unless they have a diffent Contributor are fromKay Schnack and Audrey Daniels

Photo of Catherine Breazeale Bowman (abt) 1900 ?
        (contributed by  Brenda Bowman Duff  )

Bushaloo Breazeale (newspaper clipping that shows he had his own Funeral) (Roane County,Tn)
        before he died in order to see how it would be.
Download Zipped file (Bush Breazeale)
(Contributed by Brenda Bowman Duff in Feb 1999)   email Brenda

Ozark Press Staff  photo  taken 1951

William Vaughn

Ernie, Earl and Lydia Brazeal

Doc, Hattie,Frank and Erwin Brazeal

Group Photo of all the Vaughns and Brazeals
(Contributed by Freddie Vaughn and Ray and Mae Brazeal)

Jeff  Vaughn and family with Mylinda Brazeal
(Contributed by Juanita Willbanks)

Mt Pleasant School  (1909) Oregon county,Mo

Stoney Point School taken 1916

Stoney Point School  1925

Oak Grove School photo taken 1938

     If you have any Photographs or Documents Please send them in
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